How To Make Gak Without Glue And Borax

may 5

nov 1, 2012 how to make flubber without borax or glue! .. easy kids science experiments how to make goo slime gak flubberby whizkid8881.
Rainy day activitymake bouncy balls with elmer's glue, borax, and cornstarch! homemade gak with no borax--liquid starch, elmers glue and food coloring.  

May 25, 2012 here is how you can make homemade gak as well! begin by emptying the two bottles of glue into a bowl. then fill bottles with warm water and shake. . borax is no more toxic than salt or baking soda!!!!!!!! just don't ingest.
Jul 23, 2012 how to make slime with out borax like comment subsribe and add to favs and make this after a week if you put this slime into a bag it stinks so.

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District Attorney Charles J. Hynes Addresses DTAP & ComALERT Graduates at Ceremony at Borough Hall

Counsel to the DA Lance Ogiste and First ADA Anne Swern (far left) with the 2013 DTAP and ComALERT graduates.

Kings County Chief Administrative Judge Barry Kamins with District Attorney Hynes

Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes had nothing but praise for graduates from a residential drug treatment and a prisoner and re-entry program which he created shortly after assuming office in 1990. He said he was pleased to join them in the celebration for their remarkable achievements. “Instead of being perpetually stuck in a cycle of addition, crime, and incarceration, you have broken free. You have set off a new direction, and you have started building a healthy, productive, and law-abiding future,” said DA Hynes.  He also said that when he started the treatment program, drug-related crime and violence appeared to be out of control. “There were 765 reported murders in Brooklyn and we were prosecuting over 6,000 felony drug cases,” said D.A. Hynes. Since his program began, DA Hynes said over 3,070 defendants have benefited from it. “Our graduates represent criminal justice cost-savings of over $113.3 million in Brooklyn alone,” he added. DA Hynes said these graduates have a one year recidivism rate that is less than half that of a similarly situated control group. DA Hynes is joined by Kings County Administrative Judge Barry Kamins.
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